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How can I organize an event for my company’s employees?

Corporate events, which large companies reserve for managers, shareholders, and social media no longer serve as a model for communication events in today’s modern companies.

More and more companies know how to recognize the talent and effort of the people who work for them, whether they are many or few, whether they work remotely or in person, beyond the sales, the department they belong to or the time they’ve been working for the company.

That’s why organizing an event for the employees is one of the best options for its emotional and empathy load. An event of this type does more for the image and confidence of the company than many campaigns in prime time on any television channel aimed at no one in particular.

If the company has different regional offices, the event can be held in each of them and the celebrations of all of them can be seen online simultaneously.

The formats that are most successful are the aperitifs or informal gastronomic tastings, where the meeting between departments and work teams is also encouraged in an atmosphere far from their cubicles. It is recommended that the event be held during working hours to ensure that everyone is available and that the time invested in promoting a sense of permanence, the motivation of employees and the company’s commitment to its staff is not considered recoverable.

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