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What event format is best for my company to visit?

Conferences are not focused on being able to present or speak publicly about the company. They are intended to address a broad topic affecting an industrial or professional sector. They usually last several days and are face-to-face, but can also be broadcast live online.

Attendance at a conference can be used to disseminate the issues discussed at the conference to the company’s stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers). Therefore, it is advisable to focus your attendance as an opportunity to inform the sector in general about the topics discussed first hand.

Exhibitions are a perfect combination of an international conference but with the social aspect of the contact between companies of a business fair. They are focused on relations, marketing and the dissemination of news to the general public. They are undoubtedly the most popular in all sectors, both from an organisational and attendance point of view. They last several days and usually occupy a lot of the agenda. They involve a lot of organization at all levels for the company. It is impossible to imagine them in any other way than in person.

Business tradeshows differ from exhibitions in that they do not include the general market, i.e. visitors are also professionals. They are usually shorter than exhibitions. In any case, the media and companies are present to disseminate their new products, which will eventually reach the end consumers. Together with exhibitions they are the most popular events.

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