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What protocol should I follow in the organization of my company event?

The invitation to the event should be addressed to the target audience that is interesting for the event and to the media that we believe can help in its diffusion.

If the event is not exclusively a business event but political authorities are attending, for example, you must know the rules of protocol, seek information about them and apply them from before the event, already in the drafting of the invitations. Political officials are very accustomed to these treatments, so it is better that they do not miss anything that is usual in their acts.

If the event is not going to take place in a well-known environment, it is especially important to visit it before and check its accessibility in order to facilitate the organization: the assembly and disassembly of the furniture, the decoration, type and number of seats, platforms, lecterns, tables, carpets, etc.

If the objective of the event is clear on the part of the company, it is advisable to be helped by a professional project management team such as that of SERVIS.

Especially if the event has a great following in the media, guests in person cannot be left out, and it is advisable not to get a massive presence of guests, to give the event a touch of exclusivity. It is better to reproduce the same event on different days or territories than to turn it into a massive phenomenon that can dilute its objective.

It is advisable to follow up on the informative treatment in the media after the event in order to definitively evaluate what it has served. Knowing the opinion of those attending is fundamental.

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