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What will I find when I attend an event in times of social distance?

For the organization of any on-site event, be it a local fair or a company event, ensuring the well-being of all the people involved is a priority. That is why the fairgrounds and event organizing companies, such as SERVIS, apply the standardized protocols accredited worldwide.

These protocols include a series of measures that can be taken on a personal level (short distances) or applied to larger spaces.

With regard to the collective space, it must be ensured that the flow of people is organized throughout the fairground or event, and this is achieved through small measures that are neither costly nor aggressive:


  1. Organizing the large flows of people entering and leaving and the routes of movement of those attending. Indicator arrows on the floor or the color changes of the carpets help you to know the directions of the walk. The entrance and exit access are physically separated.
  2. Enabling small spaces outside the corridors to be able to speak person to person without interrupting the general circulation. The availability of small tables to lean on and fixed stools on the floor ensure that you cannot change the distance to your interlocutor.


SERVIS has always been present in the most important fairgrounds, assembling and dismantling spaces to ensure that whether you are an exhibitor or visitor, you are comfortable and dedicated to making your presence in the room or exhibition profitable.

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